At Designtheory, our job is to help guide our clients through the various design stages of construction and decoration while adhering to their personal sense of style. While each project has its own unique set of needs, conditions and desires, these help influence how we conceive and manage the design from conception through to completion. Whether your project involves a home renovation or you are simply looking to refresh your space by decorating, our goal is simple: We make each and every space the best it can be, and we ensure it offers a timeless quality.


We begin every project with an in-home consultation. During this meeting, we discuss your personal style and tastes, needs and wants.  We evaluate your existing design elements and the character of your home which, in combination with the input you have provided and your specific budget, will help us formulate a tailored design plan.  Our initial Design Consultation is free of charge. Once we have a good sense of your project requirements, we will then provide you with a formal Design Proposal for you to review.


Upon Design Proposal agreement, we will visit your home to take site photos and measurements so that we can create floor plans for you.  Before we look at anything else, be it paint colours, fabrics or draperies, we look at the interior architecture and the ways we can adapt it to best suit your needs.  Based on the project requirements, we may also provide a more detailed working drawing package that includes partition and demolition plans, furniture layouts, reflected ceiling and electrical plans, finishes plans, elevations and sections, as well as proposed millwork drawings.
Should your project involve renovations, we will review these drawings with you throughout each step of the process to make sure you are kept in the loop and are comfortable with the direction of the project.  Upon drawing package completion, these drawings will be distributed to various contractors for pricing.  We will work closely with the selected contractors and trades to answer any questions they may have about the drawing package, and prepare any revisions to drawings or specifications that may be required for the tender process to begin.


Once a contractor has been selected, the construction phase can begin!  As this can often be the most strenuous part of the design process, be assured that we will be there to help you through it.  Our team is experienced in handling various sizes of projects and scopes of work, and will ensure your project runs smoothly through regular site meetings and trade coordination.  By maintaining constant contact with the contractor and trades, and proactively troubleshooting, your project will run smoothly, on time and within budget.

This design phase also allows us to begin focusing on the decoration aspect of the project.  Based on our design meetings with you and the site measures we take, we will work with the furniture plans created, and present you with a custom designed concept with the various elements your space may require:  upholstery, draperies, fabrics, paint colours, case goods, area carpets, lighting and accessories, etc.  Selecting just the right furniture and fabrics will help complete the vision, and create a one of a kind look unique to your home.

Once the Design Elements are approved, we will provide you with detailed quotations for each item discussed.  We have many trusted suppliers and tradespeople that offer a Designer Discount, which we like to share with our clients.  This also allows us to tailor each piece of furniture and finish to your individual style and needs, rather than buying “off the shelf” and hoping it suits.  We will organize everything from the ordering and deliveries, down to installation.

luxury living roomDRESSING AND REVEAL   

The dressing of a room is the final element of the design process and is the crowning jewel of any interior space.  It is the part which most reflects the personality of the client, by taking some of your existing furniture and accessories, and integrating them with those purchased by our team to complete the vision.  The final outcome is presented to you on the big Reveal Day when we ask our clients to leave for the day- we have everything delivered and placed perfectly in the house, and you return to an exquisitely styled home!  Our goal is to make the transition to your new space an enjoyable and seamless experience by managing all aspects of the design process.