Our Capabilities

Designtheory is a full-service interior design & décor firm in Toronto, specializing in custom residential new build and renovation projects. Whatever the scope of the work entails, we design our clients’ homes to create functional and inspired spaces that fulfill their highest expectations. Our process is tailored to each specific project and can be comprised of the list of services offered below.


We focus in on the details, creating a well-designed space that promotes ultimate functionality. Plans produced are extremely detailed and organized with a “no room for error” approach. Based on your project and its specific scope of work, our working drawing  packages include some, or all, of the following: Partition Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Electrical Plan, Finishes Plan, Furniture Layout, Wall Elevations and Millwork Detail Drawings, and Custom Detail Drawings. We provide you with a complete and comprehensive hard copy project binder, as well as a digital file in order to keep your drawing package organized.


This technical component of our work is where we source, select, document, and outline all of the elements required to implement our proposed design. As we formulate the design elements of the space and receive client approvals, we document the material and finish selections in specific and detailed spreadsheets to clearly define the expectations for the whole team. This is information is key for your contractor to build out what has been planned and approved.


Our role at the construction stage of the project is to liaise with the client, tradespeople, consultants, and the contractor from commencement of the project through to completion to ensure design intent implementation and quality control. We arrange regular site visits and team meetings to review progress, quality of construction, issue site directives, price requests and/or change orders when required, and prepare a deficiency report to make sure all is completed as designed and priced. We take responsibility to ensure every construction detail is executed meticulously.


Furniture and décor will customize the look of your home. We work closely with our clients to inventory and catalogue their existing furnishings and establish what can be retained, re-used, or re-purposed. Our extensive knowledge of specialized suppliers, custom furniture workshops, and upholstery vendors allows us to advise you in making the best investments for your project. We guarantee quality products that stand the test of time, offer excellent value and competitive pricing. Our team will prepare a line-item spreadsheet by room and area to breakdown the budget and outline the details of each item for all your purchased goods, custom furniture and décor requirements.


The dressing of a room is the final element of the design process and is the crowning jewel of any interior space. After months of considering every design detail, tracking furniture orders, and coordinating vendors, the day finally arrives when all the pieces come together. On “Install Day” it’s all about managing the chaos and getting everything in its planned place. As each piece comes in from the delivery truck, it is carefully unwrapped and inspected and then placed in position. The final outcome is presented to you at a final reveal day where we walk you through your new space.


Through the education and hands-on knowledge of our design team, we guide and manage your commercial design project, providing direction on budgets, timelines, construction drawings, materials and finishes, and quality control in order to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Based on a specific project scope of work which we determine in initial meetings with Property Managers, Design Committees, and Board of Directors, we prepare fully detailed design concepts, material and finish presentation boards, detailed working drawing packages for construction purposes, and tender documents for bidding purposes. Payment certification services are also available.


Flat Fee: $500.00

This two-hour design session with Principal Designers, Leanne and Adolphina, will allow you to obtain valuable information necessary to execute your project without the additional fees associated with full scope interior design services and project management. This one-time visit can solve a design dilemma, offer an objective opinion and provide concrete direction on your design plans.

  • This is a great service for someone who just moved in to a new home and wants direction on how to tackle their new space. Our combined years of design experience will help guide you during this 2 Hour Consultation
  • We will work anywhere in your house – focusing on one room or the entire home.
  • Each project is unique and will require different tasks and time. Tasks could include rearranging furniture, selecting paint colors, placing artwork or suggesting new layouts or plans
  • Maybe your furniture just doesn’t make sense. Our expert eye can help with placement and other needs
  • After the 2 hours are up, our clients have the opportunity to move forward with our full design services which can be discussed in the meeting